Good morning Rally family!
We wanted to let you know that it is with our deepest regret and sadness that we will have to cancel GAJR this year.
Unfortunately, we received some devastating news from the town and the fire marshal with updated NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) coding that would prevent a lot of things from happening at the Rally this year.  This includes, but is not limited to, having no tents (for spectators for shade or the raffles) and putting our vendors in a hard position with their tents or structures.  With the Rally only a few short weeks away, we would not be able to get the permits nor have the time to get the required replacements before the event.  We are all deeply shocked and upset about having to come to this decision so close to the Rally.  Unfortunately, we have no choice.
We want to thank all of our vendors and sponsors for sticking with us and being so understanding in this difficult time.  Also, a huge thank you to all of our volunteers who have already signed up and put in the time and effort that is needed prior to the Rally!  Your work has not gone un-noticed or underappreciated and know that we couldn’t do this event without you!  To our wonderful spectators and patrons who have become family, we miss you and can’t wait to regroup and see what we can do for next year!  Thank you for supporting us through this trying time and trying to help keep us alive!  We will be missing you all when Sept 18th and 19th come around!
Josh and Jeni Schwalb
Chris and Karolee DiRenza



Attendees may test their Jeeps articulation on one of the RTI Ramps, play in the Rock Garden, or get dirty in the Mud Trench.  The entire family will enjoy this fun filled day.  Be sure to check out our food vendors, vendors selling Jeep® goods, and local organized wheeling clubs.



Check out our Sponsors and Vendors. Without them, we wouldn’t have GAJR!